Bridge4Learning is a specialist education centre for students with significant social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  It offers a therapeutic education environment for students who have difficulty accessing traditional forms of secondary education.

Bridge4Learning is an independently owned and managed organisation.  Its owners have over 90 years of quality experience in developing and managing provision for the most challenging secondary students.  Their work has been recognised at a national level and they have total commitment to meeting the needs of all children.

The management group consists of:-

A chartered psychologist who has extensive local authority experience and who has managed the education service of a large independent education provider.  His previous experience includes a highly successful spell as Corporate Parenting Manager which has lead to Beacon Award status.

An Education Consultant with 35 years experience in inner city schools and local authorities.  He has managed the SEN provision and provision for excluded children in one of England’s top local authorities.  He was also external adviser in the development of Every Child Matters and is currently a consultant to the ‘Narrowing the Gap’ programme.

A Social Care Consultant who was proprietor and manager of a leading private residential care company for over 8 years.  An expert and a leading national authority on safeguarding children.

Bridge4Learning provides a specialist learning environment.  Each student will receive a personalised learning package tailored to meet their individual needs and to build on their strengths.  Students will be offered a flexible learning package which will include academic studies, vocational work including supported work placement and a therapeutic support package supervised by the organisation’s own chartered psychologist.

Placement will include a detailed induction.  The Centre will follow closely best practice in emotional learning and students will be involved at all stages in the development of their personalised package.

Bridge4Learning aims to break the cycle of educational under achievement and lack of engagement.  Our key outcome measure will be to re engage students and to give them that ‘bridge’ back into education, training or employment with training.