Policy and Guidance Documents


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Bridge 4 Learning Prospectus July 2020 PDF (240KB)
Bridge 4 Learning Term Dates 2020-21 PDF (150KB)

Key Stage 3 & 4 Grade Assessment

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Art Grade Descriptors PDF (120KB)
Art Pupil Levels PDF (80KB)
English Grade Descriptors PDF (140KB)
English Pupil Levels PDF (80KB)
Geography Grade Descriptors PDF (140KB)
Geography Pupil Levels PDF (80KB)
History Grade Descriptors PDF (140KB)
History Pupil Levels PDF (80KB)
Maths Grade Descriptors PDF (210KB)
Maths Pupil Levels PDF (80KB)
Science Grade Descriptors PDF (180KB)
Science Pupil Levels PDF (80KB)

Policy Documents

The following policy documents are available on request and general to Bridge4Learning. Please contact us for further information. A full range of documents is available from the school.

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Weston Point College COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment PDF (240KB)
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Public Health Emergency Continuity Plan PDF (170KB)
Performance Management Policy PDF (125KB)
B4L Anti-Bullying Policy PDF (420KB)
B4L Behaviour Policy PDF (120KB)
Weston Point College Safeguarding Policy 2020-2021 PDF (825KB)
B4L E-Safety Policy PDF (160KB)
B4L Code of Conduct (CP Document 5) PDF (300KB)
Weston Point College Complaints Policy PDF (140KB)
Curriculum Map KS3 PDF (520KB)
B4L Curriculum Policy PDF (490KB)
B4L Health & Safety Policy PDF (180KB)
B4L SEN Policy PDF (280KB)
B4L Equality & Diversity Policy PDF (300KB)
B4L First Aid Policy PDF (200KB)
Regulated Activity in Relation to Children PDF (230KB)
Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2020 PDF (1360KB)
B4L Safer Handling Policy PDF (200KB)
B4L Home Visits Policy PDF (250KB)
Guidance for Safer Working Practice PDF (480KB)
B4L Staff Disciplinary Policy PDF (215KB)

Reports and Inspections

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Annual Report 2018 PDF (140KB)
Annual Report 2016 PDF (260KB)
Annual Report 2011 PDF (120KB)
Ofsted Report 2013 PDF (270KB)
Ofsted Report 2009 PDF (40KB)