Weston Point College

Welcome to Weston Point College

Weston Point College is an independent school for secondary students who have previously experienced difficulties achieving their potential in other settings.

Weston Point College is a happy, vibrant and caring college with a dedicated staff team providing good standards of teaching and excellent pastoral care. Our three Ofsted inspections to date have found us to be ‘good’ across all areas.

All staff are experienced in meeting the needs of students who require enhanced pastoral support to achieve their potential.  Personal and professional development is encouraged within the staff team.  This helps create an assertive confident group of adults who will create a warm, safe atmosphere for pupils.

Learning programmes are designed to allow success for all.  Individualised programmes are delivered for students with additional needs.

The College is committed to develop the expertise and skills of its staff to create a ‘learning culture’ to ensure that every opportunity is taken to improve the learning experience for students.

Weston Point College offers a well resourced and welcoming environment where every effort is made to provide students with a productive positive day.

Meeting Emotional and Therapeutic Needs at Weston Point College

Weston Point College aims to deliver on the ‘Be Healthy’ strand of Every Child Matters.  There is emphasis on emotional well-being as well as physical health for all students.  The school employs a Chartered Psychologist and an Education Consultant who was an external adviser to the ECM Programme and is a member of the core team developing the Narrowing the Gap project.

Developing students’ emotional well-being is achieved through a combination of whole school approaches and individualised interventions.

Promoting emotional literacy is a core curriculum component for all students.  This is delivered through group teaching during PHSE, cross-curricula themes and whole school sessions.

All staff are employed and trained to support emotional needs and this underpins all student-staff interactions.  (Students are actively involved in the development of their personal learning programmes and are encouraged to participate in both the life and development of the school).

Solution focussed brief therapy approaches are used during one to one pastoral sessions to assist students in meeting personal targets relating to emotional and behavioural issues.

A number of students may have more complex emotional/behavioural needs and will require more intensive and support.  Students identified with such needs will be discussed in a ‘multi-agency’ context and with agreement of core/partner agencies will have access to cognitive behaviour therapy on site, delivered by the college chartered psychologist.


All admissions are arranged through the referring Local Authority.

CCTV: Notice to Parents and Pupils attending Weston Point College
CCTV In Operation
Please be aware that for the protection of our premises, staff, visitors and pupils, CCTV is in constant operation within our sites.